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Shakti Nest (Corrèze)

June 2022

Bénédicte has been one of my all time favorite clients. A warm and bubbly woman with a beautiful project which I had a great time being involved in. Bénédicte trusted me with the creation of her website, her logo, her flyers and her business cards. For Bénédicte’s website, I included an online booking system, French-English translation, a contact form, a photo gallery & a smooth and responsive user journey.



« When you create your business, you need a site that holds up. And looking back at it, I would even say, more than that…
I decided to trust Tina and immediately a great adventure started ! I introduced my project to Tina, she immediately got what I was asking. She was clear, precise, practical, with modern ideas & always very human. I was looking for well-being mixed with tourism. She had keys to develop the site. And the atmosphere was both very professional & really relaxed. It was important to me!
The site came out of the water but life made my project change. We had to start all over again. Tina refitted everything and it wasn’t easy. She changed everything. And then it got magical!
I didn’t have a basic project, it was my life project, so close to my heart. Tina helped make it come to life, to materialize it, I saw what it concretely looked like thanks to her. It was very powerful! Tina created the website, logo, business cards and flyers. Amazing! Her exterior point of view meant a lot to me in terms of marketing and coherence with the audience!
The success of the creation of this site is for me a real security for my professional future. I find it zen, luminous and healthy.
Bravo and thank you Tina, your work is outstanding!!
Benedict Arnould »

Le Franchute (Mexico)

April-May 2022

Fabien wanted a complete website redesign for his e-learning business. Based in Mexico, Fabien teaches French to Spanish-speakers and needed total website makeover. Indeed, he had created his website himself with the help of a semi-professional developer, which resulted in a lot of issues and bugs. I managed to fix the bugs, migrated his podcast website back to his main one, chose a better theme, redesigned the whole brand identity and gave him tricks to add better working plugins for future development.



Association des Résidents de Vars (Vars)

February 2022

For their website, Association des Résidents de Vars wanted a sophisticated institutional website, with a clear user journey. I designed a website with a color palette that matched their association and added several photo galleries, documents and informations, as well as a contact form and an event pop-up.



E Rondoline – Claudine & Laurent GERANDI (Corsica)

February 2022

For their website, Claudine & Laurent wanted a super simple yet colorful look, with a clear user journey. I designed a website with a color palette that matched the vibe of their business (citrus orchard) and added a booking calendar as well as a contact form and a translation plugin.



Naturellement Soi – Romane LARRIEUX (Marseille)

December 2021

For her website, Romane wanted a simple, clear, user-friendly look. I designed a clear user-journey, used her color palette and added a booking calendar as well as a contact form and a downloadable e-book.



« A big thank you to Tina, who allowed me to develop my business’s website! I contacted Tina to build a personalized, professional looking website that reflects my image, and she did! A bubbly, smiling, attentive girl, who really knew how to identify my needs and desires for my website, she asked me questions in order to be able to have as much information as possible and the result was delivered in only 1 month. An extremely efficient and clear website, with the desired colors and text fonts. Once again, thank you so much! »